UNHOLY ALLIANCE: The Dangers of Mixing Pop Psychology with Christian Truth



Channeled Teachings

Spirit guides support all forms of sexual activities, from masturbation to Tantric sex. Needless to say, they support homosexuality too. Spirit guide Emmanuel regards homosexuality highly. He says, 

   "What role does homosexuality play in human relationship? A necessary one. It is a means of love. It is a means of reaching for oneness. It is a means to camouflage fear. It is, in short, a path."[i] 

Secular Psychology

Secular psychologistsˇ¦ view on homosexuality has changed tremendously over the years. Psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover reported that, back in 1963, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) viewed homosexuality as an illness. Homosexuals are emotionally disturbed persons. In 1971, the APA voted to normalize homosexuality. In 1994, the APA even declared that they would not endorse any professional to help a homosexual to change his or her lifestyle.[ii] 

Christian Psychology

In general, Christian psychologistsˇ¦ attitudes in the area of sexuality are much more conservative. However, some of them support homosexuality. An article in the Journal of Psychology and Christianity explains that sexual orientation is not a conduct. Both homosexuals and heterosexuals can carry out their sex lives righteously or unrighteously.[iii] Gary Collins also reports that mixed attitudes exist among Christian psychologists toward homosexuality. Some condemn it by using Scripture, while others use reason to explain away the sinful implications. [iv]

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