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The Dangers of Mixing Pop Psychology with Christian Truth 

By Lois Chan, Ph. D.

Publisher: VMI   

ISBN 13:978-1-933204-06-2; 223 pages

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            In New Age circles, channelers (spirit mediums) let spirit guides (demons) take over their bodies and speak through their mouths. Channeled messages of some famous channelers are sometimes collected and published.

            Unholy Alliance exposes these channeled teachings and checks to see if the same teachings can be found in secular psychology or Christian psychology. 

The result? Most New Age channeled (demonic) teachings were found in secular psychology and more than half of them were found in Christian psychology.    

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Inner Child (Childhood Influence) 

 What are the other teachings? What are the implications?  You can find the answer in: 


Radio Interview (high)  (low) with Return to the Word

Radio Interview  with Truth Talk Live

Radio Interview  with Hill Radio      

 Book Review by Psychoheresy Awareness Ministry

Other Book Reviews:

"This book should be promoted in all U.S. seminaries. Pastors and others involved in counseling should read it. The author should be commended for her extensive research." (Christian News, August 14, 2006)

"This is one scary book, but you need to gird up your mind and read it anyway!" (The Biblical Evangelist, January-February, 2007)


    "There are many ways to skin a counseling method. Chan exorcises several contemporary methods, urging purveyors to judge wisely concerning the true sources and influences in the methods they employ. The influences of New Age thinking on the leading methods of counseling are simply startling, as this book masterfully exhibits. An excellent and timely work that will be sure to stir head and heart alike!" (Edward N. Martin, Ph. D., Department of Philosophy, Trinity Theology Seminary)

    "Paul urged Corinthian Christians to have no partnership with demons [1 Cor 10:22]. Today Corinth's occultism returns in a psychological guise, oft times a Christian guise. Lois Chan demonstrates dramatically how the occult has transformed itself into enlightened modern psychological techniques... " (David P. Meyer, STM, Ph. D., Professor of Philosophy and History, Trinity Theological Seminary & Concordia University)

    "Twenty-five years ago I warned my students that the next wave of apostasy in the Christian church would come through the door of counseling psychology. Recent history has confirmed that prediction as many well-intentioned evangelical counseling professionals have absorbed erroneous concepts and woven them into the fabric of Christianity. Unholy Alliance demonstrates very clearly that the New age movement has hijacked counseling psychology and utilized it as an entrance point into the evangelical church." (Howard A. Eyrich, ThM, DMin. Author, Seminary professor, Pastor)

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Besides being an evangelical Christian with a zeal for the truth, Lois Chan has a Ph. D. degree in Philosophy and Apologetics from Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, Indiana. At present, she is teaching part-time/ adjunct at three Chinese Christian theological seminaries. She is the author of two Chinese Christian books and contributor to three others. She has translated a number of Christian works into Chinese and contributed to many Chinese Christian magazines. 



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